DPS Studio Classes At Home

April 15, 2020

How many times have you said

"I'll start working out tomorrow"?

At Dawn Pilates , we are dedicated to keeping you healthy and active during this time period of social distancing and beyond.  We all are trying to navigate through these changes in our daily routines and schedules.  With this program, you will be able to get back into your pre-COVID 19 weekly Pilates routine.


Our new class series was designed to bring the benefits of Pilates right into your home.  This is a streaming service comparable to Netflix - you pay a subscription fee for access to videos.  This makes it super easy and convenient to use from ANY device!​


Whether you are a Pilates novice, or experienced practitioner... 

                                                                                      this program is for you! 


Our classes  include both Contemporary and Classical Mat Pilates, AND our NEW Reformer sequencing on the Mat.  These Pilates classes are tailored to your level of experience, as well as your level of mobility.  There will be new full-length classes added weekly to offer variety within your selections.  ​


We have also added BONUS videos that are shortened versions of our Barre, Chair, BOSU, Magic Circle,  Stretch, and TRX classes.  These BONUS videos are a great way to supplement your regular weekly Pilates routine when you're pressed for time.  


UNLIMITED access to these new classes in our program is only $39.99 per month, and you can cancel at any time.  NO CONTRACTS.  However, as a 'thank you' for participating in the launch of our new Program, 

            We have provided a 50% off coupon code that allows you to have this access for only $19.99 per month  (use coupon code: SupportLocalDPS-50)

            That is the price of a single in-studio

                              Pilates group class 

DPS On Demand

    Click on the link above, when redirected click on the 'Join' link in the 'top right corner of the page to start your access today.  You can either create a new account, or sign in with your Google or Facebook accounts. 


    This is your chance to access a brand new program at a special rate.  We hope you enjoy this Program as much as we are enjoying the making of it! We welcome your feedback, as we are always looking for ways to tweak this until it's perfect!


                                                                 ~Amanda Dawn/ Dawn Pilates Studio


Frequently Asked Questions

~Before the change in my daily routine, I attended 1 or 2 in-studio classes per week.  With so many videos to choose from, is there a suggested/ sample class schedule?

*Yes.  If you attended 1 Pilates group class per week, you could take the 'Reformer on the Mat' class that is best reflective of your experience level (i.e. Advanced Beginner, Intermediate, etc).  If you attended 2 classes  per week,  you could take the aforementioned class, and the 'March Matness' class.  These two combined throughout the week will help you maintain a strong Classical Pilates foundation to improve your core strength, and improve balance and overall health!  If you attended 3 or more group classes per week, we recommend the 'Reformer on the Mat' series,  'March Matness' series, and either the 'Strengthen & Stretch' class or a combination of some of the BONUS classes so you can specialize and target your workout.

~Is my username and password the same combination as it is for my MindBody/Dawn Pilates App?

*No. These are separate platforms so you need to separate usernames and passwords.  "What if I don't remember my password for Namastream?"  You can enter your email on the log-in page and click 'Forgot Password?'  If the password link reset doesn't work, there is no password because you most likely joined with the social or the google logins. (So there is no password to send)  Try the social login and see if that works.  If you want to change to email and password (instead of social login) please email

~I have a coupon code to use - where and how do I do that?

*Great question! Depending if you are on a phone, ipad or laptop, the prompt may be in slightly different places.  Before you enter your payment information, look for the header that says 'Order Summary' and you should see a link that says 'I have a coupon code'.  Click that, enter your coupon code: SupportLocalDPS-50, and press 'Check'.  Amount should be adjusted to reflect the coupon.  Proceed by entering payment information and 'Purchase Product.'

~I purchased my product but now I can't find it.  Where can I access my videos?

*If you are logged in, go to 'Products' and under 'My Products' you'll see your purchases.  Click 'View Product' and then navigate to 'Included Content' to begin watching your videos.

~Do I need t download videos?

*No, they are streamed - similar to Netflix or other streaming services!  Namastream supports Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.  Whichever browser you prefer, please use the most up-to-date version available to ensure that everything on the site works smoothly.

~How do I cancel my subscription?

*We're sad to see you go but understand.  Remember you can resubscribe at any time with no contract,  but you may lose any coupons you had applied to your previous Membership.

~I'm having problems with my videos - they are slow, keep closing, etc.  What should I do?         

*If you are trying to play video and it is continually buffering, try the following:    -Stop any other files from downloading                                             -Close any websites that might be constantly updating                                       -Close messaging apps that might be slowing your computer down                   -Close everything down and only have Namastream open                                   -If this doesn't work, please connect with Namastream tech support directly