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Enjoy 5 group classes of your choice each month. A great option for those who are just getting into a new workout routine and want to start slow, or those who are already participating in other forms of sports/activities and wish to supplement and cross-train with pilates, barre, and/or suspension training.


9 group classes of your choice each month. A great option for those who are already moderately physically active in their own time, for example: walking, running, biking, and are looking to incorporate a Pilates workout 2 times a week. According to experts, the only way to truly affect health, in addition to proper nutrition, is constant movement! Which requires at least 150 minutes per week! (For weight loss, 250 minutes per week.)


Enjoy 13 group classes of your choice each month! Our program incorporates purposeful breathing to help balance the body and mind. Explore all of our different formats, and quickly see the difference Pilates can make in YOUR body. 


Enjoy 20 group classes of your choice AND is perfect choice for the dedicated Pilates enthusiasts. This includes first access to in-studio events and workshops.


Inquire about our Boardwalk Bundle, which includes a postural and alignment assessment,

 and the largest discount on our private training sesssions! 

Now an official TRX Training Facility!

Next Suspension Training course TBA, call for info.