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  "Working with Everlea (Eve) in private Pilates training sessions has helped me in just the last couple of months.  I was diagnosed with a long standing condition called Diastasis Recti; my abdominal muscle split when I had my daughter. Working with Everlea has made such a positive difference; my doctor remarked on the quick and steady progress in closing that space and strengthening my core." -Susan. Federal employee  

  "Pilates literally gave me the ability to walk after a traumatic foot injury that initially left my foot and ankle twisted. Although I was a professional athlete, I found myself at the age of 27 unable to walk or even stand on my left foot. My Classically-trained Instructor introduced me to the Foot Corrector and other foot exercises by Joseph Pilates, and after a few weeks of Pilates and physical therapy I was able to walk, run and even get back to professional athletics! I cannot stress how incredibly specific and healing this work is to the body. And I also cannot stress the importance of training with a good teacher! - Tori, former professional dancer    

  "I was diagnosed with a lower lumbar condition for which I’ll likely have to have surgery. Everlea (Eve) took the time to speak at length with my doctor about what type of movement I can safely do and what I can’t do. She designed a private Pilates program for me which takes into account both conditions safely and effectively. I am so appreciative of her extra efforts and her high level of expertise. I will be a client for a long time for sure!" - Susan, Federal employee  

  "Sincerely so grateful for Dawn Pilates and my favorite instructor, Eve. In the time I have been a student, I have gone from feeling tired, weak and a little discouraged to being stronger, more focused and definitely excited about getting even better with Pilates" - Michelle, cancer survivor